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Continue your education in Australia until you become an Australian citizen, as per the legal requirements.

Many students often share similar questions, and the most frequently encountered question by Thai students is: 'How much does it cost to study English in Australia?' and 'How do you calculate it to be sufficient?

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we pay careful attention to every detail

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3 steps that everyone must go through before coming to Australia


Plan your Visa

From Tourist to Student Visa. If you have any trouble or concerns. Or facing issues with any part of the documentation. Feel free to inquire/consult beforehand.

George Education Plans is happy to provide free advice, and ready to address any concerns you might have complimentarily.



Covering everything you need to know – studying, working, relocating within Australia. We ensure you choose the right course in your preferred city. Our team of experts specialises in academic and career paths. Let us take care of all of you.


Lodging an application

Prepare documents in less than a month, submit the visa application when the applicant is ready, then book a Biometric appointment promptly. Rectify rejected documents and reapply with confidence through our comprehensive team of lawyers and legal experts.

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Unlock the door to global possibilities with the visa that suits you

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Discover firsthand success stories with our visa services for Thai students! Our proven track record is echoed through heartfelt testimonials from satisfied clients. Our tailored approach ensures seamless visa processing, granting students the opportunity of a lifetime. With a focus on precision and dedication, we navigate complexities to secure successful outcomes

Successful Visa Grants Messages

Hassle-free visa processing, backed by genuine appreciation from those we've assisted. Trust our expertise to pave the way for Thai students seeking educational opportunities abroad. Join our community of grateful clients and experience our commitment to realising your visa aspirations effortlessly.

Visa Achievements with George Education Plans

Beyond visas, we go the extra mile - From navigating the visa process to airport pickups, SIM card arrangements, and joyful celebrations, we're your comprehensive support. Our commitment extends far beyond paperwork, ensuring a smooth transition to a new journey filled with warmth, care, and festivities.

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